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Nigerian Man’s Reaction To Discovering Gorillas Bearing Nigerian Names In Canadian Zoo Goes Viral (WATCH)

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A Nigerian man has sparked a lively discussion on social media after sharing his reaction to encountering gorillas with Nigerian names during his visit to a Canadian zoo.

The man, who filmed his experience in a video and posted it online, expressed his shock and disbelief upon seeing the two gorillas, named ‘Ngozi’ and ‘Nneka’ – names commonly found in Nigeria.
“You went to a zoo in Canada,” the video caption read, setting the stage for the unexpected discovery.
At the zoo, he turned the camera towards the photo display, his genuine surprise and confusion at the sight of the gorillas bearing such Nigerian names can be heard as he expresses his disbelief.

The video quickly gained traction on social media, with concerned individuals flooding the comment section to share their thoughts and reactions.
The unexpected presence of the Nigerian-named gorillas has sparked discussions online, with many viewers expressing their thoughts on the unexpected connection.
Some have even speculated on the possible reasons behind the zoo’s choice of names, suggesting it could be a gesture of appreciation for Nigerian culture.
As the video continues to captivate social media users, it has undeniably garnered the attention of netizens online, leading to a wave of reactions.
Watch the video below: