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Nigerian man brings “When life gives you lemonade, make lemon” to life by freezing soft drinks with an AC

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A Nigerian man has inspired many internet users after he taught them how to make lemon from lemonade.
The man who is full of inspiration had used his air conditioner as a replacement for a fridge to cool his soft drinks.

Sharing a picture collage on TikTok, he captured the beverages sitting pretty in the air conditioner and when he took them out.
According to the user, he had decided to put the quote ‘When life gives you lemon, make lemonade’ into good use.

The post which gained the attention of many generated different reactions from internet users.
While some were eager to know how he had the knowledge that the air conditioner would cool the drink, others found the post hilarious.
Below are some of the reactions,
@Fatimss.um:  Lmao, how are you guys just finding out about this now? It’s a normal thing now.
@Stargirl:  No cause we did this a lot in secondary school, boarding school was peak tbh
@___Trip___:  Make I go exclusive mansion go try am
@SweetAddict:  When life gives you AC as an alternative of a Fridge, make cold drinks out of it
@Stephanieee:  Who use to do this thing a lot in secondary school and it worked