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Nigerian lady’s reaction after taking “world’s sourest candy” has netizens in stitches (WATCH)

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In a recent online escapade, Nigerian social media content creator, known as @spellxmo, embarked on a daring culinary experiment that left viewers in stitches.
In an unexpected turn of events, she decided to try out the reputedly world’s sourest candy, named “Black Death,” after stumbling upon a video of another brave soul attempting the challenge.

In a video that has since gone viral, her priceless and funny reactions had viewers cracking up and left them wondering who dared her to take on such a sour treat.
In the video, she playfully introduced the candy, jokingly stating that she doesn’t usually try things that could be bad for her.
As she bravely tasted the candy, her face twisted into hilarious expressions, showing just how intense the sourness was. Despite the discomfort, she kept licking the candy, making funny noises that added to the comedic effect.
The internet couldn’t get enough of her video and her unexpected encounter with the “Black Death” candy. Her genuine and light-hearted response entertained viewers, people couldn’t help but laugh at her reactions, leaving humorous comments and asking who put her up to this challenge.
Let’s dive into the comment section:
@enkaybby reacts 😂😂😂😂 Your reaction is giving that small tiger generator 😂😂😂
@I am fikky reacts Why the thing still dey your mouth😂

@ella the fourth reacts The finer they are, the crazier they are
Na example be this😂😂😂

@urfavfey reacts Nigeria are a special breed of people, because why didnt she remove it form her mouth despite how it made her feel😂

Watch the video below: