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Nigerian Graduate Speaks Out After Abrupt Dismissal Just 3 Hours Into Her New Job (VIDEO)

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A Nigerian graduate has broken her silence after being swiftly dismissed from her new job just 3 hours into her first day on the job.
The incident, which has garnered significant attention on social media, has sparked buzz online.
The graduate, revealed she had been posted to the company by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, a mandatory scheme in Nigeria that assigns recent graduates to organizations for a year of national service.

After completing the necessary documentation, the young woman reported to work in the first week of June, only to be summoned to the managing director’s office shortly after.
According to the graduate’s account, the managing director informed her that the degree she held was not a suitable fit for the role she had been assigned, despite the fact that she had demonstrated her capable skills.
This abrupt dismissal, which occurred just 3 hours into her first day on the job, had left the young lady shocked and confused.
In her social media posts, the graduate has sought to provide context and clarity around the incident, hoping to address the mixed reactions and speculations that have emerged.
Her story has resonated with many viewers, who have expressed sympathy and concern over the incident.
As the video continues to circulate, it has undeniably garnered the attention of netizens, leading to mixed reactions amongst viewers.
Watch the video below: