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Newborn baby who was ab@ndonǝd by the roadside in Anambra d!ǝs (VIDEO)

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A newborn baby has been found dead after he was abandoned along the roadside by an unknown person.
The recorder who shared the video on TikTok revealed that she found the abandoned dead baby along Ifite Awka, in Anambra State.

The story grasped the attention of many internet users who were left wondering why the innocent child was abandoned in the first place.
While the user who shared the post couldn’t help but condemn the actions of the mother.

She wrote; “Since you knew you can’t keep him and protect him as a mother why birth him to end up disposing him to die? wicked and mean generation”
Below are some of the comments,
@dawriansville:  Dear God ! Please give these children to the women who genuinely want them!! All the barren women asking you every second, all the TTC women all over the world who would give anything to have just 1!! Please send these babies to them! Please God, stop letting these precious creatures of yours get into the wrong wombs 
@_cici_nita:  What is the point of carrying the child of 9months??? When you can just remove it when it hasn’t even formed? God abeg
@eniola__sarah:  Why???? you carried this child for 9months and you have no conscience or guilt about this!!! Omohhhhhhhhhh a gift thousands of pe0ple are looking for?? Kai
@amaqueenn:  a God!!! even to drop my baby for few hours with my trusted family got me wailing, haba!!
Watch the video below,