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Netizens React As Lady Spots A Nigerian Man Selling Suya In London (WATCH)

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A Nigerian man has found a way to satisfy the cravings of his fellow countrymen living abroad.
Offering the beloved West African grilled meat delicacy, known as Suya in Nigeria.
The suya seller first gained attention on social media when a Nigerian lady visiting his roadside stall shared her experience online.

In a TikTok video, the lady identified as @jane_peterz, remarked that the atmosphere of Peckham’s streets reminded her of the popular Alaba market in Lagos, Nigeria.
Eager to support her fellow Nigerian entrepreneur, she purchased several portions of the smoky, spicy suya, excitedly expressing that it reminded her of cherished memories of home.
Her video has since gone viral, with many Nigerians in the diaspora expressing their longing to experience the taste of suya once more.
As the video continues to circulate, it has undeniably captivated the attention of netizens and viewers alike, leading to wholesome reactions.
Here are some reactions from viewers:
@Chukwe : “How much is the Suya per portion?”
@Old Taker : “I saw this guy on TikTok… ”
@Uyi Peter : “He fit be bank manager for Nigeria, na he sell suya. na wow o…”
@Sr chizzyk80 : “You must take me there. Can one order?”
@Unmerited favor : “You just called ogbogonogo; that means you stayed in Asaba.”
Watch the video below