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Netizens applaud a lady for blocking a talking stage who wanted a ‘cooking interview’ 

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Netizens have praised a lady for cutting a talking stage off after he asked that she show him her culinary skills so he could assess her.
The screenshot of their chat which she shared on her TikTok page with a trending song captured the admirer making his request.
The lady who seemed uncomfortable with his demand ignored his messages and blocked him immediately.
His text read; “I can come over for a dinner date, You cook so I can know if you cook well enough to be my girl sounds good?”

While some internet users teased her about missing out on a potential husband, others hailed her for dodging a bullet.
In their opinion, the demand of the young man is a red flag, and using cooking as a criterion to get a girlfriend is unpleasant.
Below are some of the comments;
@rosythrone:  Motherhood. Fatherhood, childhood, sisterhood, brotherhood, adulthood, Robin Hood, Nollywood, Bollywood, all the hood are extremely proud of you girl!
@b_uniqu.e:  Sisterhood is extremely proud of you, infact you deserve an award
@theellatyra:  He even added “sounds good?” He thought he ate mumu
@dthickqueen:  Avoid Men that want to be serviced ❌ Be with a man of Service ✅
@michael__x:  Imagine a girl wey never like you, you dun Dey ask her to cook for you…na ment ?