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“My wife can che@t, but she shouldn’t leave my house. Let people still see us as husband and wife” – Actor Sola Gaji reveals during an interview

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Veteran Yoruba actor Sola Olaibi Gaji stated in an interview with Biola Bayo on her podcast Talk to B that he expects his wife to remain in their home as his spouse, even if she cheats.
Gaji, known for his comic roles in Yoruba movies, expressed his willingness to forgive infidelity as long as his partner continues living with him.

He emphasized,
“Me and Mummy Eniola, in all the apartments we have been staying in, they never believed she was my wife, they thought she was my little sister. If the person who is my partner denies me access to her, I think about it.</stron You can never know I am stubborn until I hurt someone…….
Even if you have someone else outside our relationship, I won’t stop you. But don’t leave my house. Let people still see us as husband and wife. Men are not good while also women, but we are just trying ourselves….”

Despite acknowledging his flaws but describing himself as a good lover, the actor revealed that his ex-wife left him due to issues in their marriage.
He shared that his wife suddenly decided she no longer wanted to be with him, leading to the breakdown of their marriage.