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“My elder sister is a mistake. I wish she wasn’t born” – Nigerian man calls out his sister over alleged mistreatment

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A Nigerian man has taken to social media to accuse his sister of abandonment, alleged mistreatment, and refusing to support him despite her success.
The man, with the Twitter handle @hunklevick, recounted how their parents sponsored his sister’s education before his father’s sad demise. However, after completing her schooling, she failed to take care of him and watched him sleep in uncompleted buildings.
He said he vehemently refused to attend her wedding a few years ago and would never refer to her children as his nephews or nieces. He added that he hasn’t seen her since 2016, despite living in the same city.
Speaking further, he said he doesn’t wish her well in life and will never forgive her in this life or the afterlife.
He shared his traumatizing experience in response to a post stating that first borns are assistant parents because they shoulder the responsibilities of their younger siblings.
Read his full post below,
“Not all firstborns.. my elder sister is a mistake, I wish she wasn’t born. I don’t wish her well in anything she does, God will never forgive her for all the evil she has done to me in this life.
I was living in the streets, living in uncompleted buildings like a church rat, my so called sister was doing fine,she refused letting me stay with her. I suffered, I was tattered, famished and looking unhealthy. One day I was caught by the security in the uncompleted building, I usually sneaked into sleeping, was brought before the school authorities, due to the fact it was a new polytechnic in the environment, my so called sister denied me and said I was her cousin to the CSO interrogating me…
After all the atrocities she did to me, decided to sneak up on me by sending her traditional marriage clothes to my elder brother, demanding my presence at her Marriage. I didn’t go, she’s evil minded and I don’t wish her well in her matrimonial home. I don’t want anything to do with such demonic people, she caused me so much pains in this little years of mine sojourning this Earth…
My father trained this ungrateful being from primary school to secondary school, even in his death, my late mum used my father’s money to send her to tertiary institution.
When the moment came for her to get married, she remembered she had a father who didn’t invest shishi in her. She disrespected my father’s memory, a man who loved and cherished you as his own.
You decided to belittle him, my late mum’s elder brother told her “Ndifreke by right and tradition, the dowry was supposed to go to your step father, not this man that did nothing for you”
Told her, I have nothing to do with her and her family. Would never address her kids as my nieces or nephews.
Look at the ungrateful human being here, I blocked her on all my social media handles.We have not seen each other since November 2016, despite living in the same city.

This photo is about 23 years old,The lady at my back with red scarf… That’s her,she caused me so much problem in this life… I would never forgive you in this life or afterlife…”

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