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“Medical misogyny is disgusting” – Twitter users slam Ugandan doctor for telling feminists to get pregnant as fibroids love dormant uterus

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A Ugandan doctor, Ssrunjogi Emma, has been accused of medical misogyny by netizens for insinuating that women develop fibroid from not using their uterus.
According to him, young women had to get pregnant and not keep their uterus vacant to prevent fibroid.

He wrote;
“As you’re trying to fear men and being an active feminist, don’t forget to get pregnant as Fibroids really really love a dormant uterus. The good thing is that they’re not cancerous but have their own complications including infertility, recurrent miscarriages etc.”

Netizens did not agree with his medical diagnosis and called him out for using his professional knowledge to lead people astray.
“This is medical misogyny, the use of medical means to uphold, assert, or achieve harmful patriarchy norms in order to control and harm women. Because of it women disproportionately experience delayed diagnosis, overprescribing, and a failure to properly investigate symptoms,” one user wrote.
“Medical misogyny is such a disgusting thing to witness in real time because this dickhead could’ve just posted helpful info about Fibroid. but nah it’s what feminists decide to do with their bodies that’s his problem,” another Twitter user wrote.
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