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“Leave your uncouth children at home” — Lady tells parents as she recounts how a little boy slapped his mother in Lagos bank

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A young Nigerian lady has recounted how she was tempted to slap a little boy for slapping his mother at a bank in Lagos.
The lady, identified as @sisihauwa on Twitter, said she was on a queue with the mother and her child when he dealt her a slap across the cheek. She said she was so furious at the little boy and almost slapped him for his action.
She further advised parents to stop taking their children who they know fully well are disrespectful and stubborn to public places.
@sisihauwa tweeted,
Those of you with little kids taking them to places—banks, hospitals, please be holding your children. I don’t have patience, I go slap person pikin.”
“Today in the bank, ahead of me on a queue, a little boy slapped his mother. It was only the grace of God that it took to stop my hand from landing on his cheek. Please you people should be leaving your uncouth children in the house
When asked why she didn’t slap the little boy, she said she didn’t want to be attacked for disciplining another woman’s child in her presence.
“I didn’t o. Didn’t want to cause a scene in the bank. Before they’ll use “na your pikin?” To see me finish🙉”, she responded.
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