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Lady shares what became of the Titus fish she bought at the market after defrosting (VIDEO)

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A Nigerian lady has been left unhappy after she discovered that the frozen Titus fish she purchased at the market was spoilt.
She revealed via her caption that she had left the fish to defrost properly but had no idea it was spoilt until it started melting.

Her caption read; “You bought frozen Titus from market only for it to defrost and this is what you get”
In the video, she could be seen trying to hold the fish which would not stop slipping and dissolving off her hand.
She went on to squash the remaining part of the fish to show off the rotten content that was left.
Below are some of the comments;
@flyingeaglet:  It was already rotten and they re-froze and sold to her
@odinny:  Consumer protection agencies are inefficient in this country
@safiya_mustapha:  Make she blend am with buchy mix. We no dey waste food for this economy
@celinaavong:  It’s called freezing injury, the slow freezing ruptures the cells of the fish due to the formation of ice thereby bursting the cell membranes. It happens to veggies too, that’s why one shouldn’t freeze veggies.
@rosythrone:  It’s obvious these sellers don’t care about our health. So many non edible things we consume in this country.
Watch the video below,