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Lady shares the sh0cking state of a student accommodation she visited in the UK (VIDEO)

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Lady express displeasure after visiting a student apartment in Birmingham, UK, filled with garbage and disgusting items in the living area.
The lady captured the students’ apartment starting from the hallway, where different items and cleaning materials were scattered on the floor leading to the living area.

Upon getting into the room, she instantly exclaimed not believing how disorganized and dirty the entire apartment appeared. Clothes and garbage everywhere lying on the couch and floor.
In the kitchen area, there were dark spots and liquid stains inside the microwave. The refrigerator was unclean, filled with leftovers and expired edibles covering the whole compartment. The kitchen island practically contained food waste and a pot of leftover pasta filled with mucus.

The walls were cracked and stained with unclean substance
The video displayed the students’ accommodation as an eyesore to the lady as she immediately exited the apartment. She questioned if the residents were animals as the waste bin wasn’t disposed of.

Internet users have shared their experiences of living with international students abroad. While some marvel at how some students appear stylish outside but unhygienic at home, others advised the lady to turn their irresponsibility into a cleaning service for herself and charge them at a high rate.
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