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Lady narrates how she and her son escaped being injured after her new table gas burner exploded (video)

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A young Nigerian woman has narrated how her newly acquired table gas burner exploded barely 72 hours after she bought it.
In a video shared on TikTok, the woman explained that she had just finished cooking in the kitchen with her son when she heard a loud bang less than 5 minutes after stepping out.
She said she went to the kitchen to see what had happened and was surprised to see that the burner had exploded, shattering the glass top.

According to her, she was shocked and thankful at the same time because she couldn’t imagine what would have happened if she was still in the kitchen with her son when it exploded.
She further revealed that she returned the gas burner to the seller because it ‘blew up’ less than a week after she bought it and received a replacement.
Watch below,

The incident has sparked a ton of reactions online as netizens reveal that it is common place for gas burners with glass top to explode because glass have low resistant to heat. Some also advised against buying glass gas burners.
@bussyolanubi wrote,
“The same thing happened to me last Christmas. It was only God that saved me and my daughters. I bought the built-in cooker for N220k at Fouani and it just exploded when cooking. When I reported the incident tp them they asked me to bring the carcass. I returned it after 2 months of purchase and I got other items in replacement. I have a feeling that they are aware of the defect otherwise knowing them they wouldn’t have replaced it.
SON (Standard Organisation of Nigeria) is doing nothing to ensure the safety and quality of products sold in Nigeria.”
@sexyjelie wrote, “Omo yours isn’t bad at all mine exploded while I was cooking and my son was in the kitchen with me on that faithful day”
@instantafrik wrote, “Yes it has happened.. get aluminum glass are not reliable and they can’t adapt too much heat”
@_pretty_succy wrote, “Happened to me twice 😂 not a sweet experience, to avoid this don’t just clean the top of the gas while still cooking allow it cool completely after cooking before you clean.”