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Lady makes tomato ‘powerless’ as she prepares a large pot of cucumber stew (VIDEO)

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A Nigerian chef has provided a solution to solve the high cost of tomatoes by making a full pot of stew with cucumber.
The video which she shared on her Instagram page @gazkitchen_ captured the step-by-step process she went through to prepare the delicacies.

She started by removing the seeds from the cucumber, then went on to peel off the back of the bitter ones after tasting them.
Then she blended the cucumber bits and gently squeezed out the water, leaving the rest of the products which already a paste.

To conclude her cooking, she went on to use the cucumber mixture as the tomato paste in preparing her stew.
The chef had prepared this to ensure that Nigerians don’t have to break a bank when they want to prepare stew.
She also revealed via her caption that all the cucumber she used in making the stew cost her only N1,200.
Below are some of reactions;
@joenat66:  The price of cucumbers is expected to rise after watching this video 
@_.verere:  I did cabbage stew this week and it was a bang. Next week, cucumber, upper week, garden egg new recipes till tomatoes will come and beg us
@carla_etemen:  I’m eager to know how it tastes cos I don’t want to waste proteins and other ingredients to prepare what will taste anyhow 
@produly_mrz.a:  Made my own cucumber stew yesterday Evening. My husband didn’t believe wen I gave him to eat. He taught it was the regular tomatoes stew Its so nice.
Watch the video below,