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Lady laments after Lagos resort ruins her birthday plans

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A lady has come out on social media to express her disappointment after a beach resort ruined her birthday plans.
The resort is located on the island, notably in the Ajah district of Lagos State, and is well-known for its beautiful beach views.

The lady with the Tiktok username _melanincandy, who was preparing for her photoshoot at the resort, booked a two-night stay and spent her birthday there. According to her, she paid 170,000 Naira per night, for a total of 380,000 Naira for her two-night stay.
However, following the photoshoot, she realised that it was not what it appeared to be. First and foremost, they lacked a 24-hour kitchen, which was unfortunate given the resort’s remote location.
She also saw cockroaches in the room and a crab in the swimming pool when she attempted to swim.
To make matters worse, the water in the bathroom would not rush, and when it did, it smelled. She was ultimately forced to leave because her birthday had been ruined.
Watch the video below,