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Lady calls out College of Medicine, UNILAG for covering up Sexu@l Ass@ult cases by fining the offenders 5K, shares voice message of male undergraduates promising to r@pe female student (VIDEO)

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A student of UNILAG has called out the College of Medicine section of the institution for waving off Sexual Assault cases.

The young lady who made several tweets about the issue which has been going on for a while now attached several evidences to her post.

According to her, sexual assault has become rampant in the institution and some of the offenders keep repeating the act because they are not punished for it.
Her tweet read;
“I need to speak on the prevalent culture of SA happening in the College of medicine, university of lagos. Wdym the only repercussion someone got for SAing their fellow undergraduate was 5k? The perpetrator still went on the participate in sporting and social event even with so much evidence against them. They’re still in school with young women and CMUL has a co-ed hostel. When will the female undergrads of luth be a priority to the management of CMUL!? Now, a pharmacy boy has SA’ed another female undergraduate and they’re trying to sweep it under the rug. So this one will pay 5k and that’s all???????? I’m so fucking livid rn because what do they mean ffs?”
She also attached voice message recordings of some male student promising to rape their victims if they ever had the opportunity.
Reacting to the cases the PANS UNILAG sub dean wrote a message to the student which read; “Pharmacy Boys!!! Reign in your emotions!!! Pull your ears by yourselves and be careful!!! Mind your conduct with the opposite sex!!! A word is enough for the wise o!!!”

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