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“I said yes to club work” — Nigerian lady shares how club work turned her life around (WATCH)

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In a jaw-dropping video titled “I Said Yes to Club Work,” a daring Nigeria lady took to social media to showcase her huge financial transformation after diving into the world of nightlife.
The video kicked off with pictures of the lady rocking her club attire, confidently working in the nightlife scene.
As the images continued, viewers were treated to glimpses of stacks of money both in dollars and naira received as tips, showcasing her remarkable financial gains.

Not stopping at just the money aspect, the lady proudly displayed her newfound weight gain, showing a life of good food and carefree outings.
With a brand-new phone in hand and pockets full of cash, she showed the world that she was living her best life
However, as with any viral video, the reactions poured in and some viewers couldn’t help but question her lack of shame, claiming that what she’s doing is degrading.
On the other hand, there were those who were eager to know where they could sign up for such a lucrative job, while others simply found inspiration in the lady’s ability to maker her own money and live her life on her own terms.
Watch the video below: