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“I paid David N218M to influence a project for kids and he ran away with the money” – Businessman calls out Davido, shares receipts

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Nigerian businessman, Abu Salami has called out prominent singer, Davido for failing to live up to expectations after allegedly giving him N218 million naira to influence a children’s initiative.
Abusalami disclosed that the singer has backed out of the deal and is refusing to return the money as he is allegedly harassed by the singer’s solicitors and men.

He revealed on his Instagram page that, of a 326 million naira project, he had paid the artist 218 million naira. The businessman disclosed that he had scheduled a day to search for young, gifted football players throughout 20 states with an 11-person production crew, only for Davido to cancel.
He disclosed that he had lost 42 million naira alone as a result of Davido’s cancellation. He continued by saying that he urged the artist to upload the commercial, in which he performed in his backyard since he was unable to do it in a stadium, but Davido declined.
To support his claims, Abusalami further posted screenshots of his alleged conversation with Davido.
He wrote,
“In my prayers everyday, all I pray for is thestrength to survive David and his lawyer. But God saved me fromthis nightmare situation full of jealousy, envy, greed, hate, anddeceitful people and thieves, So when you see me post do notpity me, instead pray for me. Depression is real, many menwould have been suicidal , but I think of the kids in camp wholook up to me for strength, for food, for guidance, and to helpthem with a career in football. How do you explain to anyone thatyou paid davido 218m for influence a project for kids and hetakes the money and runs away, and tells you to do your worst.Because his father owns Nigeria? Because he has social mediafollowers, David this habit you have developed of stealing frompeople is honestly terrible, do you know the kind of debt i am in.#davido #davidoofficial
We gave them a chance to do the right thing.Men without honor. Davido you be smellos if you like buy 100dog chain, or watch you be thief. Shame on you. When I Dey payyou na speed I Dey use go bank. Learn to save you no Dey hearword see as you dey smell shit now. I have boys in camp we needfood. Make shame they catch you na olorun. @sirbanko@asaasika @bfaandco @gistloverblog_mediaoutlet@specialspesh I’m coming with force. I no do meeting again.Alert only
If not for God, I should be in kirikiri justbecause I fucked with davido davido you are a thief. Ole. Let’scall a spade a spade Abu you fucked up fucking with this guy,them man here are thieves forget the lifestyle, they got littlesympathy for human life, they will do anything to get ahead andfuck you over and lastly no be today, theygåt away with murder.If I look at David Adeleke family background would I think he is athief. 218 m I paid this guy out@326m contraft I have been to20 different states in Nigeriå • Olith II man production team,looking for young talents, on cancellation alpne David hasexhausted 42m. 3 shoots cancelled ? press confrence, episodeshoot also. I begged Davidåo jgst post the commercial I shouldhave shot in a stadiunvbLR ended up doing in his Garden, insteadhe sabotages the I loose my Spondorship. Can youtake it for the ppl that leave stupid comments. Over 15 times Ibegged David I have 106 boys in camp I need to feed. David youare a bastard. And a thief.
Davido like I said to you before, you are notGod so I can’t worship you. I fit beg you, hail you, but worshipnever. You might have sabotaged my finances, crippled myBuisness, but still I rise. Your karma will come, you will not be ontop forever, but you will know one Abu guy stood up to you andstood tall. Bloody thief. Na only you need money abi ole, every 2mins send money are you a crack head? 218m wasted on you forwhat exactly you thief.”