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“I became a fr@udster after I was dúped” – Suspǝct confǝsses

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A 53-year-old electrician turned fraudster, Temidayo Olagundoye, has confessed that he went into crime because he was duped three years ago.
Olagundoye, who is the leader of a counterfeit currency syndicate, was paraded alongside 47 suspected criminals by the Ondo state security outfit, otherwise known as Amotekun, in Akure, the state capital.
In an interview with the Vanguard Newspaper press, the suspect said that his gang had defrauded sixteen victims. According to him,
“I have been involved in one-chance operation and defrauding people for over three years. Our route is along the Ondo/Akure/Osogbo/Ife highway. After some unsuspecting passengers might have boarded our vehicles, I will ask one of my gang members what is inside the bag with him, and he will respond that it is dollars with a charm on it. The charm we put on the fake dollar is not real; it was just to deceive our victims. We do get the fake dollars from Lagos. About sixteen people have fallen into our trick, with N260,000 being our highest catch.”
So apparently, they would deceive their victims by getting their naira notes changed to dollars with charm. They often use spells to instruct them to bring all their valuables and money for dollar exchange which are fake.
Temidayo shares further, “I used to be an electrician, but I was duped in Abuja. After I was duped, I decided to also dupe people.”
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