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Heartbroken man reveals how he discovered that his wife of 10 years is cheating on him with his uncle

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A heartbroken man, identified as Vanny Boy, has taken to social media to seek advice after discovering that his wife, to whom he has been married for 10 years, is cheating on him.
According to Vanny, he recently discovered that his wife is having an extramarital affair with his uncle.

He said that his wife and uncle have been exchanging naked photos.
Taking to a Nigerian Facebook group on Friday, March 3, the distraught man sought advice on the best way to handle the situation.
“I need a sober answer. I have been married for 10yrs. Of late I came to find out that my wife has been cheating on me with a Brother to my Dad.
They have been exchanging nudes pictures in an exchange of money. The brother to my Dad is out of country. I my self have been out of the country for 2yrs but have been sending money for upkeep and school fees. I feel betrayed & i don’t know what to do. My question is What is the best step to take?” He asked.
See his post below,

In other news, a young man, identified as Themba Gwejela, has spilled some alleged secrets about a popular South African actress after she tried to publicly ridicule him.
The actress, identified as Rami Chuene, had taken to social media to shame him and warn women to stay away from him because he never follows through on his commitments.
According to her, Themba doesn’t keep his promises and doesn’t give his woman money.
She quoted Themba’s old tweet, where he posted his photo and wrote, “Please stay away from this guy. Broken promises waya waya and he’ll never becha you.”
But Themba, who is now divorced, quickly responded, narrating how the actress agreed to be his mistress while he was still married.
He disclosed that when he met Rami, she knew he was married, and yet she still agreed to be his side chic.
Speaking on why he couldn’t spoil her as agreed, he said there was no way he could have openly spoiled her the way she wanted without his wife finding out.
“You forget to mention that when we met I was still married and you agreed to be a side, how was I to becha you without my ex wife noticing? That’s if you forgot, seems very convenient to me, @ramichuene”, he wrote.