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Ghanaian woman causes a stir as she and husband holds virtual traditional wedding ceremony (video)

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A video of a Ghanaian woman and her husband holding their traditional wedding virtually has caused a huge stir on social media.
The husband, who was evidently not in the same country as the wife, was unable to attend his wedding in person and instead joined the ceremony online.
Ghanaian woman causes
In the trending video, the bride is seen dancing in front of a giant screen on which her husband, who was also dancing, was projected.
Watch the clip below,

The video has sparked mixed reactions online, with many sharing their thoughts on the couple’s decision to hold a virtual wedding.
@brendanukagodservices wrote, “This gender can do anything when it comes to Man and marriage 😂😂😂😂😂 congratulations at least it is visualized some people don’t even get to have this opportunity na VIOCE PHONE CALL sometimes they don’t even know who their inlaws are 😂”
@nene_george wrote, “Are we still doing this in 2023??👀😩😩. Women like this dey make me believe say husband scarce true true . It is well…”
@soundmind_m_n wrote, “Make him get her pregnant through Bluetooth like this make I watch the process 😂😂”
@hadecrystl wrote, “This is something I can never do we will get married when you come to Nigeria or I travel to your place”
@wordpress.io wrote, “Well this me and my wife last year I was in Australia and she was in Nigeria and we did virtual wedding but when she came to Australia omo party scatter”