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Funny moment lady served food to her brothers on plantain leaves because they hate washing their plates after eating (video)

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A Nigerian lady has showed off the clever method she employed to serve food to her four brothers who hate washing their plates after eating.
A video shared online shows the hilarious moment the lady, identified simply as Chidinma, presented their meal of jollof rice and chicken on plantain leaves.
lady served
When the young men saw the new development, they were taken by surprise and questioned why she was treating them like ‘animals’.
In response, Chidinma explained that they have formed the habit of not washing their plates after meals and occasionally breaking plates when they do the dishes.
lady served
After studying the pattern, she decided to use plantain leaves to serve them to spare all of them the stress of washing plates.
She, however, instructed them to wash and dry the plantain leaves after eating because she plans to continue serving them with the leaves going forward.
Watch the funny clip below,

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