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“Forget feminism, I’m tired of waking up each morning unmarried” – Lady cries out (Video)

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A single Nigerian lady has taken to social media to lament being unmarried.
The beautiful lady, identified as Chris Amrah on TikTok in a video she shared on the video-sharing platform, said that she’s tired of being single and desires to experience marriage.

According to her, she’s heard various things about marriage—its good and bad sides—but still wants to know what it’s like to be married and submit to her spouse.
According to her, a woman feels most fulfilled when she is in her husband’s house.
Urging women to ignore feminism, she wrote, “I honestly do not want to die without experiencing what marriage life feels like…Not married, Is this something I should be scared of”.
Watch video below,

A Nigerian man has sparked a debate after he shared his thoughts about single ladies over the age of 30.
The young man identified as Moemudi on Twitter averred that there’s no unmarried lady over the age of 30 who is content with her situation.
He claims that no matter how happy they appear to be without a partner, they secretly want for a husband.
“There is no single lady above 30 that is happy being single. No matter how you pretend to be. Deep down husband dey hungry you”. He tweeted.