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Father d!es while fighting with his daughter’s school bus driver whom she accused of molesting her

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A 51-year-old man, Frederick Olorunfemi, has tragically passed away while he was fighting with his daughter’s school bus driver, whom she accused of molesting her.
According to Vanguard, the 7-year-old pupil of Luyol Schools, who will turn 8 in May, had reported the molestation incident to her mother.
She said after the driver dropped the other students at their destinations on February 1st, he drove her to his house to have canal knowledge of her.
Upon hearing this, Olorunfemi stormed the school with his daughter to confront the driver and a violent brawl broke out between them.
The driver allegedly pushed Mr Femi, who fell down and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead.
Father dies
Speaking to Vanguard, the deceased’s wife, Mrs Mabel Olorunfemi, said,
“Last Wednesday, my daughter came back from school and told me that after her school bus driver had dropped everyone at their houses, he took her to his house, told her to lift her school uniform and sit on his lap to kiss him, and was calling her his wife.
Since my husband does not always come home, I waited till his return before informing him all that she had told me.
When he heard, with anger, he picked up his phone and contacted the school director and explained to him that he would proceed to the police station to report everything, but he was calmed by the proprietor of the school and summoned him to school the next day, which was on the 7th, Tuesday.
Myself and my daughter followed him there. At the proprietor office, the bus driver who goes by the name of Jacob was also present. Having asked Sarah to narrate all that happened, the proprietor asked the driver why he brought back the school bus late on that fateful day to which he responded that he had to drop something after dropping the kids.
Out of anger, my husband slapped him, then he hit my husband on the neck and a fight started right there in the office. As everyone was trying to separate them, my husband was seriously angry holding the driver and this led to a push by the driver. My husband fell down and went unconscious. Before we could get to the hospital he passed on.”
The Lagos State Police spokesman, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, who confirmed the incident, said the bus driver is yet to be arrested as he is on the run.