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“Everybody wants to make content” – Nigerian man sh0cked as he discovered a crowd of TikTok dancers at a mall in Lagos on his first visit (WATCH)

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A Nigerian man expressed utmost shock as he discovered a massive crowd of TikTok dancers at Circle Mall in Lekki upon his first visit.
Sharing on TikTok, the man identified as @clemziclement noted that it was his first time visiting the mall as he questioned the normality of the vicinity.

In the video shared, different troupes of dancers with their videographers were filmed performing and displaying trending dance moves in groups and solo.
Looking out across the mall, the man saw the different troupe of dancers occupying different sections of the car park area in the mall with the aim to creating social media content, mostly for TikTok.

Apparently, the man @clemziclement who is also a content creator had utilized the opportunity of the huge crowd to create viral content, revealing the surprising event in the mall.

The video has triggered differing opinions as netizens opined that content creation has become the new hustle for youths to make income on social media. Many viewers compared the number of dancers seen in the mall with other malls across the country.
While some conclude that the majority won’t even trend even with the time and energy invested to entertain their audience, others suggest that the mall enforce a restriction policy on the dancers.
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