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EPL: What’s your problem with me – Jurgen Klopp reveals what ref Paul Tierney told him

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Jurgen Klopp has revealed that referee Paul Tierney told him that Diogo Jota does not deserve a penalty during Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Tottenham.

Klopp also said that Tottenham striker, Harry Kane should have been sent off by Tierney in the first half after his challenge on Robertson.

Referee Tierney decided to only give Kane a yellow card for his studs-up tackle on Andy Robertson but later sent off the Liverpool right-back for almost the same offence.

Jurgen Klopp’s side were also denied a penalty when Diogo Jota was barged inside the area by Emerson Royal.

“Yes definitely”, Klopp told Sky Sports when asked if Kane should have been sent off.

“You can give Robbo a red card, it is not the smartest challenge of his career but that is definitely a red card. No doubt about it.

“His leg was in the air, it was pure coincidence. Harry cannot judge it. If Robbo’s leg is on the ground it is a broken leg.

“We have a VAR sitting there and he thinks have a look again at Robertson again. Fine that’s what he is there for. But what did he do in that situation? And then there is the penalty situation with Diogo Jota.

“Mr Tierney told me Diogo stops on purpose because he wants the foul. First and foremost if you want to shoot you have to stop because you cannot do both.

“It is always helpful when you play football yourself. When you see the situation back [Jota’s penalty appeal], the VAR is there.

“Why is he stopping? I don’t understand.
I have no idea what his [Paul Tierney] problem is with me.

“But just an objective ref who sees the situations and judges them. He told me he thinks he stops on purpose. It is incredible. He had the best spot on the pitch and doesn’t give it. You will have to ask him what his problem is with me.”