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“Definitely not the same person” – Mixed reactions trail bride’s shocking transformation after being glammed up (video)

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A Nigerian bride is currently trending on social media because of her jaw-dropping makeup transformation on her wedding day.
A viral video shows the bride’s natural face as well as her stunning transformation after being glammed up.
The bride, who appears to be in her late thirties, looked extremely younger than her age after she was made up by her beautician.
 bride's shocking transformation
This has elicited a flurry of reactions online, with many people wondering if the bride is the same person in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ clip.
@tukwasi wrote, “It’s not her sha😂 I may be going through a lot just by being in this country but nothing has happened to my eyesight, it’s not her😂🤝”
@susanaduada wrote, “Check the chest area, you’d know they’re 2diffent people or Maybe she used an aging filter in the beginning”
@mimo_dino12 wrote, “Scam, they’re two different people.. the gown, the nails, skin colour and even their cheeks are not the same..”
@mide_ajisafe wrote, “She’s probably not a young woman. Doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to look as beautiful as she can be on her big day.MUA did a good job and everyone’s happy 👍🏼”
@annextin wrote, “Naaaa they are switched. This must be the main bride while the other is the mom or elder sis!!”
Watch the clip below,