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Comedienne Caramel shares loved-up video as she celebrates her boyfriend, Burna Boy’s PA on his birthday (video)

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Comedienne Caramel celebrates her boyfriend Burna Boy?s PA on his birthday

Comedienne Caramel is celebrating her boyfriend, King Mannywho is singer, Burna Boy’s personal assistant, on his birthday. 

Sharing a montage of their loved up moments, she disclosed that he has shown her that “there can be real vulnerability and acceptance of flaws without love shaken”.

Caramel further described him as “my big baby! My pest! My Atm! My best friend”. She wrote; 

There’s a saying that goes “when something is precious to you, you Keep it from the world until you know it’s safe enough to guard itself from the world.” Truth is You can show someone what love is but you can’t teach them to feel it or teach them to continually choose one person to love. Carrot head, You opened my heart to a different kind of affection and gave peace to storms in your own way.

With you, I feel safe, happy and content. You’ve shown me there can be real vulnerability and acceptance of flaws without love shaken. I’m so blessed to see this new age with you! You’re such a caring cake but a stubborn carrot head at the same time and I’d never trade you for anything in this life or next. To many people wanting to know who makes me smile and genuinely you are the reason I be shining my teeth for no reason behind the scenes after God. I can go on and on talking about all the things you do, have done and ARE STILL doing for me! But I’d be writing a book if I did tbh! Lol. This guy I love you so much! I can’t wait to see you grow and flourish on this 3rd floor! God bless you and keep you for me and everyone that knows you fr! Keep wining my champ, My big baby! My pest! My Atm! My best friend. Happy birthday! I adore and love you so much!

Watch the video below……