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“Best decision of my life” – Nigerian lady ecstatic as she undergoes breast reduction surgery (video)

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A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to express her happiness after surgically reducing her breasts.
In a video posted on TikTok, the woman showed what her boobs looked like before she went under the knife to reduce the size and they were enormous!
She also shared video clips where she was receiving post-op care in the hospital after undergoing the breast tissue removal procedure.
Nigerian lady ecstatic
Following her recovery, the woman looked more comfortable, confident, and satisfied with her body as she rocked different outfits to show off the new size of her boobs.
According to her, the surgery is the best decision of her entire life.
“RIP Melons. The best decision of my life”, she captioned the video.
When a curious follower asked why she decided to reduce her breast size, the lady simply said ‘it was worth it’.
Watch the video below,

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