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Beggar pretending he’s dumb speaksbecause of money (Video)

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A fake beggar has been exposed for faking a speech impairment to solicit donations from the public.
He used his hand sign to approach some guys and plead for money, but when one of them asked if he could talk properly, he nodded in agreement.

The almsgiver then declared that he would only be provided money if he made a verbal request.
“If you talk I’ll give you anything. You dey talk, you dey talk?,” he said.
The beggar initially acted like he was truly dumb and stretched out his hand to collect money, but when the man insisted on him speaking English before giving.
He was told to repeat; ‘Give me’ and to the surprise of people, the exact words came out of his mouth and this made the man question his deceitful act.
“So why you dey do hand like that,” the man asked the beggar.
Watch the video below;