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“‎As a guest I would empty my pocket” – Reactions as beautiful bride wows at her wedding ceremony with talking drums (VIDEO)

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A talented Nigerian bride has stirred reactions as she skillfully played a hand drum, and got people dancing and excited at her wedding party.
The bride appears cheerful in the video, holding a drumstick in one hand and a talking drum in the other, as she looks nicely dressed in traditional attire.

She hit the drum with such grace and talent that it sounded melodic.
The guests at the wedding were so happy for her that several of them got up to dance, and some even showered her with cash to acknowledge her ability.
Netizens have responded to the bride’s amazing performance by flooding the comments with words of praise.
See some reactions below:
7.: “‎she’s too lit.”
iampurity001: “‎As a guest I would empty my pocket.”
Oluwole Olubunmi Comfort: “‎Drumming for herself on her wedding day makes me develop goose bumps.”
Just Me: “‎Me just dey without any talent iru aye Wo mowa wa bayii.”
SCENTS BY RAYO: “My dad is oni lu his name is Ayandokun Ayandeji he dey drum shege and all my family can drum except me.”
olabelloolabode: “‎me wey be boy no sabi drum and I am shamelessly shaking on my bed dancing to it. congratulations sis and more success ahead.”
AbimbolaOlokuntoye: “‎The lady singing is another vibe entirely. This Bride isn’t here for child’s play ooooo.”
Watch the video below,