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“As a Christian, Doing traditional wedding with someone does not give you the right to sleep with them, only church wedding gives you the full right” – Writer warns

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The post of a Nigerian writer has sparked a debate online after she said that it is only after a church wedding has been done that you can sleep with your partner.
The post that she shared on X (Twitter) garnered the attention of many after she referred to sex before a church wedding as fornication.
According to the writer, She believes that only a church wedding gives you the right to sleep with your partner, not a traditional wedding.
Her tweet read; “As a Christian, Doing traditional wedding with someone does not give you license to sleep with them. Only the Church Wedding gives you the full right & license to have s3x with them. Your marriage must be blessed by God & the brethren being witness of this. Stop F0rnicating.”

The majority disagreed with her thought-provoking tweet with some believing that tradition existed before Christianity.
Below are some of the comments;
@usherjunior20:  I may disagree on this one as white wedding has no biblical backing
@OsebiFy:  The only time marriage can be said to have taken place is when dowry is paid and accepted, every other thing done is just a social activity. White wedding itself is the traditional marriage of the western people.
@Nnekabusybody:  Righteousness over imported religion. I guess by this logic your ancestors never had a God-sanctioned wedding.
@activistmanny:  Not exactly true because the payment of the bride price is the only requirement. These days, few can afford to do both a trad and church wedding. So they settle for a trad and blessing and exchange of rings