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“Are you a criminal?” – Customers destroy POS stand, chase attendant for charging N4k

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A group of angry residents recently confronted a POS vendor for requesting an outrageous amount on cash withdrawal amidst scarcity of new Naira notes.
In a viral video, a man can be seen ranting after discovering that they would have to pay N4,000 to receive N10,000.

Customers who wanted to withdraw money but were put off by the exorbitant cost swarmed a POS operator and informed her she would not be allowed to operate.
She, on the other hand, stated that she was merely following orders from her boss and that she did not make the N4k charge on her own.
Her explanations did not appease the enraged men and they decided to remove the lady’s POS umbrella and table, forcing her to leave.
The man who confronted her could be heard repeatedly expressing his outrage at the extent of exploitation individuals had to face in the country.
Watch the video below,