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An American Lady Has Accused Her Nigerian Husband Of Being Part Of A Nigerian Fr@ud Synd!cate After He St0le Over $50,000 From Her.

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An American lady has taken to TikTok to warn other American women about Nigerian men who woo and marry them to steal from them.
The lady with the account name @godsvthsblkquen recounted her story of how her Nigerian husband, Samson Adewale who she had been married to for just 10 months managed to steal $50,000 from her, which she thinks was given to his mistress

According to her;
“I had found out that Samson Adewale Adebisi was having an affair with this particular Nigerian woman, and I asked him to leave the house and upon him leaving the house, I had found out that he had been stealing from me, already small-small amounts out of the $50,000.”
The lady explained in the video that she worked on the road as an independent insurance adjuster for years and had been saving part of her income for 10 years to get In vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

Heartbroken and betrayed she said that all her hard work was now for naught as her Nigerian husband had managed to make off with all her money. She was certain that the husband was the culprit as he was the only one apart from God who had access to her account.
In her words;
“Samson Adewale has repeatedly lied that he did not take and steal from me and that is a lie. In my circle of trust was God, myself and my husband. He’s the only person that knew that I had the money. He knew that word, as the key was to access my safe where the money was, and he was the only person I had shared that information with, because unfortunately, I expressed it again that I was in a marriage that I was in a lifelong commitment that I was truly with someone who loved me the way that I loved him.”
She further went on to say that she suspected that he was part of a larger ring of Nigerian men who scammed American women out of their money and livelihood by posing as their husbands to gain their trust.
She warned that they should be very careful lest they fall victim to these men and end up just like her.
Watch the video here;