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“Agbo seller to Agba seller” – Herbal medicine seller shows off her amazing business growth (WATCH)

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A herbal medicine seller has taken to social media to celebrate her amazing business growth as she shows off the surprising change in her store.

The lady who identifies as @arike_alagbo had joined the trending Establish Challenge on social media, sharing a documented video of how she transformed from displaying her herbal goods in a mini store to a spacious and well-furnished store.
The viral clip disclosed her previous store appeared rough as different medicines were stacked together in large quantities.

The surprising change which has surprised many, displayed a decorated and organized store operating in a standard working environment with a working computer system for sales operation.

The lady’s amazing business growth has raised eyebrows with some questioning whether the business is so lucrative to the extent of opening a standard store while others showed interest in the growth with congratulatory messages.
See comments below,
@natastia_lois Lol Wetin she dy do with desktop She dy play game Secondly must they bleach
@Dr_Pharouk This is amazing. But was it the herbal concoction business that gave her this kind of money or someone invested in her business? I need these answers because I want to learn.
@Tooshugary4u This is very impressive, congratulations girl
@olu_of_warri The only thing they re good at is sex enhancement our trado medical sector needs improvement
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