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If A Woman Is Playing Hard To Get She Likely Doesn’t Like You

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 Wale Jana

Wale Jana, the popular Nigerian businessman, has dished out some advice to men,

He asked men to walk away from any lady who is playing hard to get as the lady most likely doesn’t like such a man.

Jana shared this opinion while reacting to the recent Jada Pinkett and Will Smith marital crisis, after Jada granted an interview in which she called late rapper, 2pac Shakuh her soulmate and said she and Will have secretly been separated for 7-years and living apart after growing ‘exhausted’ of trying to save ‘fractured’ marriage. read here

Posting on his Instagram page, Jana wrote; ‘’Proverbs 12:4 “ A worthy wife is a crown for her husband, but a disgraceful woman is like cancer in his bones.”

All of us know Will Smith, he has been one of the iconic figures on our screens for the past 20 years and every year he just gets better!

However I think he made one mistake in his life; he married the wrong woman and he loved her obsessively and passionately and all she gave him back in return is embarrassment, disgrace and shame. Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars because he insulted his wife (now we know they had even been separated for 7 years)

How do you deal with a wife who keeps telling everyone that the real love of her life is Tupac and that if Tupac was alive, she would never have married Will Smith! How do you deal with a wife who told the world she cheated on Will Smith and that she was forced to marry him?

Will Smith on the other hand has never spoken a derogatory word against her, he has treated her with so much honor and respect.

The big lesson for this is that not all women can be loved! Your sacrifices, devotion, success and years of commitment will not change anything if you are with a woman who is determined to disgrace you at all costs.

Men please watch out for the red flags if she’s playing hard to get she most likely doesn’t like you! Walk away! Don’t be a mumu and let her trample all over you! Because once you set that pattern you may have to live that way throughout the marriage.

May you hug this wisdom in Jesus name.”