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Guddan on zee one, Saturday 15th October 2022 update

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Guddan says to AJ thank you. Laxmi says she won at the end to the day like always. Saru says sasu ma thinks looks very good on you. AJ says should I go? Dadi says no this is festival. Let’s enjoy and play pass the pillow. guddan says it would be fun.

Bhushan says AJ stay. This are the little moments we enjoy with family. Guddan says I will get everything ready. this would be fun. Guddan asks saru to help her. Saru tries to steal her bangles. She says these are heavy. You can’t work with them. Take them off and then wear later.

saru collides with Saru. they both fall down. Saru steals the bangles. Guddan says where did my bangles go? I kept them here. Dadi says they must be here dont’ worry.

Saru looks at the bangles and says I have them finally.

They will go where all the stolen stuff is. She puts them under mattress. Guddan comes there. SAru says yes? She is hiding the bangles. Gudan says lets go. Saru says I used to be a yoga champ. She tries to talk to guddan so she forgets. Guddan says where are my bangles. They are lost. Saru puts them in pillow case. guddan says please come and help me find them. Guddan picks the pillow and says lets play pass the pillow with this. Let’s go. Guddan takes it downstairs.
Scene 2
The game starts. Perv says to Guddan you fixed everything so fast. Wow you do magic. AJ comes there. He looks at Perv angrily. He says you wont play because of Siddi’s condition right. don’t play just arrange breakfast for everyone. Servants are tired, so you will make the breakfast. Guddan giggles. She says yes what an idea. Our DILs will sit and you will make tea and breakfast for everyone. AJ says yes be quick. Perv leaves in anger. Guddan says let’s start the game.

Guddan comes to Perv and says make tea. This is what you deserve. You are a snake who should be kept away from everyone. Be quick with it. She leaves. Perv is angry. He says I am snake right? I have venom. Wait for my venom to poison your life.
Guddan says I will tell the rules but they were in a film. AJ says I have seen the film. Guddan says I will explain. Whenever the pillow stops on someone they have to do what is written on the chit.

Perv calls someone and says bring me a poisonous snake. The game starts.

Perv’s man comes and gives him the snake. He says the venom is dangerous. It wont kill but is very painful. Perv laughs. He says Guddan this snake is like me and coming for you.

Guddan comes to kitchen to pick the basket. Perv kept the snake in it. Guddan sees it and screams.

Guddan sees the snakes and screams. She falls down. Guddan says dont come near me Perv laughs. the snake comes near Guddan. Guddan says please dont’ kill me. Please don’t come near me. The snake is coming near her. Guddan sings a song, the snake stops. It comes near her and she screams. AJ wonders where is Guddan. He looks for her. He comes to store. Guddan says snake.. He says calm down. AJ stands in front of her. Guddan says he coming near her what will we do? He says quite. Guddan screams and cries. He holds her. He says calm down. Guddan says the snake will kill me. It is coming near us. He says look into my eyes and calm down. Guddan looks into his eyes. He swipes her tears. He says nothing will happen. guddan holds him the tight. The snakes goes out itself. AJ says you can open your eyes. The snake is gone. Guddan says wow. Guddan hugs him. She is fainting. AJ picks her and takes her out.

AJ gives Guddan water. Perv is angry. He says this AJ always messes up with my plans. AJ says you just had to calm down so it went. Guddan says how did you know I was there? It would have killed me if you didn’t come on time. Thank you. He says welcome. Se says don’t tell everyone. They will get worried. We are fine. She says that making noise to send snake away is totally fake. It doesn’t work.

The game starts again. It stops at Revati.. She says there will be dance competition between ma laxmi and saru. The three start dancing.
Saru says to Perv stop serving people. You will play too. Guddan says we don’t mind. The game starts again. Perv picks chit. He says it says whoever is next to Durga, I have to say I love you to them. Guddan looks at him in anger. Revati recalls she said you don’t accept my love. saru says go ahead this is just game. Perv says okay this is my task.. AJ says don’t do this task go to kitchen. Saru says this is just game. Go ahead In Shahrukh style. Perv sits down and says in front of everyone, i am going to say what is in my heart. I am saying in front of everyone. I love.

Gudan is leaving. Perv says do you mind me playing? She says no no I wanna help you. Someone calls Guddan. It is Rawat AJ. He says my task isn’t done yet.

Guddan says i am already busy and worried. He says you have to help me catch Antra’s killer. Guddan says he didn’t kill Antra. He really loves her when her photo was lost.. Why should I talk to you. He hangs up. Perv says where did Guddan go. Guddan brings Siddhi downstairs on wheelchair. She says you wanted to confess love right? Do it to Siddhi. She is here for you. She will love it if you confess to her. You and Siddhi love each other. She asks Revati to get up from there. She says now say you love Siddhi. Kaushaliya is angry. Perv says I love you Siddhi. He says I am glad you brought. guddan says sit in her knees. Perv sits in Siddhi’s kneees and says i love you. Guddan says take her back to room. She smirks at AJ.

Perv comes to kitchen. He says she insulted me in front of Revati. Guddan says Perv bring pakoras. He serves everyone pakoras. Saru recalls having bangles in the pillow. The pillow stops at saru. She says all couples have to dance here. AJ says to dadi what childish things are these. saru says when they are busy in dance, I will take out the bangles. Everyone starts the dance. Guddan dances with AJ. saru tries to take out the bangles. Dadi takes the pillow from saru and asks her to go and dance.
AJ says lets jump out of the paper and give it up. She says I never had confidence to win anything in life. But now when you are with me, I feel like I can win anything. Please help me win. I wanna know how it feels like to win. AJ and Guddan come close as the paper folds. AJ picks her up. Laxmi falls.

Rawat says I know everything. The time has come. His reality should be in front of everyone. Dadi says they won… She pours flowers on them.

Dadi says they danced so well. AJ says don’t say thanks. Enjoy your first win. Guddan says dadi I wont. First time I won something. Dadi says I had confidence in you. Guddan says I wont because of your AJ. I told him I wanna know how winning feels. Laxm says to Durga she is controlling AJ. The game starts again. The pillow stops at Durga. She reads the chit. It says fist fight person on your left. It is Guddan. Guddan is dazed. Dadi says get another chit. Laxmi says they can do fist fight. We can do this. Guddan says yeah it would be wrong.

Durga and Guddan start fight. Durga says now see how it feels to lose. Guddan is about to lose. She recalls dadi saying she trusts her and AJ saying you can do anything. Guddan says I am winning these days. Durga is about

to win, Guddan says look behind. Guddan beats her. Durga is dazed. Revati says my di won again. Durga says this is cheating. Is this your learning. Dadi says this is all for fun. Durga says I don’t wanna play anything. She leaves.
Bhushan says you shouldn’t have cheated. Losing is better than cheating. Guddan says tell everyone that she won and I lost. Let’s not play anymore. She throws the pillow on Saru. She says here is your pillow. The bangles fall from it. AJ picks them. Everyone is dazed.
AJ comes to Guddan and says what is this? You can’t handle these? She says but.. How were they in the pillow? This was saru’s pillow. How are they there? PErv says I found those bangles in the kitchen and put them in the pillow. I thought if I give directly they would think I stole. saru says thank God you spoke. They could accuse me. DAdi says it was in the house anyway. Let’s go. AJ says to Bhushan we have arranged guest house for you.
Guddna wonders she took off the bangles in the lounge. She says there is something wrong.

Scene 2
Durga is very angry. She says that Gudan is taking over everything. Laxmi says please kick her out. I can’t take her anymore. Durga breaks a bowl in anger. Guddan tries to wake AJ up. She says please talk to me. He says what is wrong. She says i remember I took off bangles in hall. He found them in kitchen? Why would he place it in the pillow? AJ falls asleep. AJ says if you think Perv did this I can believe but if you think saru did this then you are wrong. She would never do anything that would shame the family.

Durga says I can’t live with her under one roof. But enough now. we have to do something that would kick her out forever. We have to do something big.
Guddan says I know they can never do something like that.

AJ wakes up. Guddan is with trimmer. He says re you crazy? She says I was giving back your favor. He says are you mad? Let me go. She says papa.. She says I will trim your beard.
Guddan says once I said I can’t do anything. Papa asked me to shave his beard. I thought i wont be able to do it. But them he let me and I could do it. AJ allows her. Guddan shaves his beard.

Guddan comes to Durga’s room and says where are you? I am keeping your clothes here. She sees somne papers and is dazed.
Bhushan says to AJ thanks for all this time. You are the best one for my Guddan. We are glad that you are our son in law. Guddan comes and hugs Bhushan. SHe is in tears. Bhushan says don’t cry. You have to take care of everyone in this house specially your DILs. AJ says to Guddan why are you crying? She says when your parents go away, they send prayers for you. These tears make us stronger to do the right.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to Durga. Durga says what are you doing here? Guddan says how muc can you hate? Durga says what do you mean. Guddan says you always taught me my mistake. I accepted them. Then my papa was insulted here. I am not blaming you. I know you don’t like but if my family is affected, I wont sit silently. Guddan shows her the papers. She says you ordered the dress. Why did you get my papa insulted? I always thought you are like sister to me. You wanted me to go awya I would have. You didn’t have to insult my dad. Dadi and AJ would never believe. I can’t even tell anyone. At least I am better than you. She leaves.

Gudan says to Dadi let me make tea for you. AJ says do you even know how to make it? She says yes I know. Dadi says do you miss home? Durga comes and says tell everyone why are you worried.

Durga says according to Guddan I made a huge mistake. AJ says what? Dura says she thinks I gave her papa that costume. Dadi says it could be a misunderstanding. Durga says no she is right i did all this.