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“You flaunt a rich lifestyle online and have been billed accordingly” – Ultimate love star, Kachi tackles Beauty for complaining about 500k photoshoot

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Ultimate love star, Kachi has berated Big Brother Naija star, Beauty Tukura, for complaining about being charged ₦500,000 for a photoshoot session.
It was earlier reported that Beauty took to Twitter to lash out over the outrageous amount she was charged by a photographer in Lagos.
 Kachi tackles
According to Beauty, the photography billed her 250k per look, an extra 150k because he had to leave his studio, and another 100k because it was a weekend. ICYMI
Following the outburst, Kachi knocked Beauty for bewailing the service charge when she flaunts a lavish lifestyle on the internet.
 Kachi tackles
Taunting the former beauty queen, Kachi said the pressure of being a celebrity is already getting to her.
He further advised people not to feel pressured by the lifestyle people flaunt online because most of them are a façade.
He commented,
“You flaunt a rich lifestyle on the gram and have been billed accordingly. Why complain though? Is the pressure getting wersserr?
The reason most of your fave don’t contact vendors directly is simply because they probably cannot afford such a person but decided to go through corners. MORALS: Don’t let anyone put you under pressure, LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS!!”
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