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“Wunmi’s lover k!lled Mohbad, Liam is not my grandson, I wanted to name him Victor but they refused.” – Mohbad’s father reveals in a recent interview (VIDEO)

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Joseph Aloba, the father of late Nigerian artiste Mohbad has disclosed in a recent interview that Liam is not his grandchild.
He stated that Liam has curved knees (bowleg) which is surprising because nobody has that in their family.

Mohbad’s dad went further to state that Wunmi’s lover is the one responsible for Mohbad’s death.
According to him, Wunmi advised Mohbad against handing over Liam’s placenta to him and went behind his back to give it to her lover who is the real father of Liam.

He also spoke about how he had intentions to name his grandchild Victor, but they declined his suggestion and gave him a Muslim name, Liam.
He could also be heard saying;
“Cynthia is a pathological liar, she gave Liam’s placenta to her lover. She has not done the DNA test yet so we can not bury Mohbad. Mohbad wrote it in the petition that the king sent boys to come and beat him up and he died two months after he was attacked. I would mention the name of the person that killed my son after the DNA has been done “
His outburst has resulted in some internet users seeing him in a different manner, as the majority concluded that the bereaved father is not seeking justice for his child but chasing clout.
Watch the video below,