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Singer, Spyro shares how a serious heartbreak from a lady made him despise Canada

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Popular singer, Oludipe David professionally known as Spyro has made a surprising revelation on why he dislikes Canada after a serious heartbreak from a girl, who resides in the country.
Recounting the event, the singer revealed that he had been postponing his Canada tour as he was healing from a serious heartbreak from a girl, to who he was ready to propose.
He wrote,
“Canada I want to be honest today…The reason why I have pushed this tour this far is because I was still healing from a serious heartbreak from one of your girls there. Quite painful as I saw a future with us…already bought a ring and all of a sudden she ended it and for what, because a female friend pecked me after I bought her something she needed and I wanted to be open so I told her…”
The 33-year-old songwriter disclosed that she ended the relationship after he told her a female friend pecked him for gifting her something she needed.
He claimed to be open-minded but the event caused confusion in the relationship that eventually made them pathways. He also added that he is now in a fit state to organize his Canada music tour.
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