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Read the sc@ry story of how a doctor injǝcts her BBL clients with cement and other tox!c substances (VIDEO)

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O’Neal Ron Morris used to be a well-known plastic surgeon in Florida, USA until her secret to performing body augmentations became exposed.
According to a report, she was an unlicensed doctor who managed to gain the trust of women by helping them acquire their dream shape but, in reality, she was injecting her patients with cement.
This “Cement Doctor”, who is a transgender woman having gone through body altering herself, earned her nickname by committing atrocities in the guise of “special treatments”.
She fills up the client’s body with cement and other toxic substances which results in infection, excruciating pain, and deformation at the area of the surgery.
One of her patients, Shatarka Nuby suffered from the symptoms for months until her death shortly after seeking medical attention. Her mother, who was part of the people who sued the transgender would say,
“My daughter died the most inhumane death. 18 months she suffered without knowing the full of what she put in her body.”
Morris would deny the claims of more than her dozen victims whom she inflicted with her sickening procedure, asserting her innocence but nevertheless, she was sentenced to ten years imprisonment with five years probation.