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Oba Solomon says a word of prayer for those who started trolling each other online after attending Chivido’s wedding (VIDEO)

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Nigerian controversial pastor, Oba Solomon has said a word of prayer for people who attended Chioma and Davido’s wedding and started fighting online the next day.

In the video he shared on TikTok, Oba Solomon could be heard chastising them for not channeling their energy into something else.

Recall that VeryDarkMan had called out some of the attendees at Davido’s wedding for allegedly sneaking into the event which some internet personalities criticized him for.
Weighing in on the matter, Oba Solomon chose to be neutral and cursed all the attendees who were involved in the brouhaha for the mess they created online.
He also said; “Stupid people with stupid categories and knowledge. They have big heads with empty knowledge, they have big yansh with stupid people. This is my prayer for all of you that went to Davido’s wedding, came back home, and started fighting online Anytime, any day that important people want to do a wedding or something good in Nigeria they will invite you, you will have power to fight but you will not have power to do that kind of ceremony because you have a stupid mentality. This is not the time to be fighting, your brain battery is very low. Go and repent out of your stupidity.”
The clip which some internet users found hilarious, others agreed with, in their opinion the ‘Oba Solomon is making sense’.
Watch the video below,