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Neo Akpofure donates relief items to inmates in Warri prison

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Reality TV star, Neo has visited his hometown of Warri, Delta State’s Nigeria Correctional Service.
Neo, who spent a large portion of his childhood in prisons with his warden mother, gave some aid to the prisoners’ wellbeing.

Neo posted images from his recent visit, in which he and a few jail staff members are seen posing in front of crates holding supplies, on his X page.
The 29-year-old claimed to enjoy helping prisoners get back on their feet and started the Amakazat Foundation to make sure they were treated appropriately.
He wrote,
“Couldn’t have Visted my Warri without visiting the Nigerian Correctional service again. Growing up and living inside the prisons because my mum was a warden, I developed a soft spot for some of these prisoners, especially after listening to some of their stories of how life dealt them a bad hand. This is one of the projects I’m intentional and passionate about.
One of the core missions of @amakazat_foundation founded by yours truly is to ensure that there is hope even behind bars, that prisons and penitentiaries in Nigeria continue to serve the purpose of being correctional facilities and in a bid to achieve that we have decided to make sure that these prisoners live under humane conditions whilst being confined until they’re reintegrated back into society.”
Neo added; “For those asking, I entered and shared it myself to the prisoners. It’s not allowed to record inside.”