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“Na 0losho I be, I no talk say I no get womb” – Mandy Kiss replies those surprised by her pregnancy (video)

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Controversial Nigerian influencer, Mandy Kiss has reacted to the wave of surprise that greeted the news of her pregnancy.
Recall that the self-styled president of oloshos made headlines recently after she claimed that she is pregnant.
She shared photos of herself cradling her baby bump on Instagram and locked the comment section, thus leaving the post open to interpretation.
Mandy Kiss replies
The post elicited different reactions online, with some netizens claiming that the baby bump isn’t real and that the photo was doctored.
Reacting to the shock, Mandy wondered why people are surprised that she is expecting her first child.
According to her, the fact that she is a prostitude doesn’t mean her womb is damaged and that she can’t bear children.
“Why y’all surprised??? Na olosho I talk say I be I no talk say I no get womb. Make una rest!!!” she captioned the post
Watch the video below:

A while back, Mandy Kiss bewailed the numerous ‘hook-up’ opportunities she rejected last year.
Mandy said she wants to drop the good girl act this year because it didn’t favour her in 2022.
She said she rejected a lot of offers to hang out with wealthy men who were willing to spend heavily on her in 2022 because she wanted to avoid controversy, but it didn’t lead her anywhere.
According to her, 2023 will be different because she’s ready to do whatever it takes to live a soft life filled with enjoyment. Watch her speak here