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Moment Akpororo and Funnybone reportedly k!cked Seyi Law off the stage over boring jokes (VIDEO)

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Different reactions have trailed a post that was shared on X (Twitter) which captured Nigerian comedian Seyi Law being kicked out of stage.

This act was carried out by his colleagues, Funnybone and Akpororo asked him to exit the stage over boring jokes.
The incident which happened during a comedy show, recorded Seyi Law walking off the stage annoyed, after several interruptions from his colleagues.

Funnybone was the first to interject him on stage, but he continued speaking then came Akpororo clearly telling him to get off the stage.

Though their reasons for cutting him short are unknown, many internet users are guessing that it has to do with the comedian’s personality online.
Below are some of the comments;
@jaybrizzy:  Instead of working on improving his craft, he’s busy doing cho cho cho for thieving politicians online. Why won’t his jokes be boring. While his mates are busy upgrading their craft he’s on Twitter being a nuisance
@ill_onjie:  Damn… I could have felt sorry for him because this is the worst moment in the life of any standup comedian. Never to be forgotten. But then I remember what this guy did during election, how he supported bigotry pro max. Nahhh… he deserves all the embarrassment in the world. Good riddance
@tosin_olaluwoye:  “Every problem is a solution to your success”… What on earth does that even mean? 
@handsumeze:  God knows how long he’s owned that suit. It’s getting tighter and shorter
Watch the video below,