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“It’s not our fault you married a cheating wife, move on” – BBNaija’s Khloe lambaste OAP Nedu

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Big Brother Naija star, Khloe has lambasted media personality Nedu Wazobia over his recent comment about female Big Brother Naija stars.
The on-air personality triggered reactions on social media following his assertion that many ladies get on the BBNaija reality TV show to sell their bodies.

During a recent episode of his honest bunch podcast with former BBNaija housemate Doyin, he stated that the majority of the women who go on the show have nothing to offer except their bodies.

His words,
“The reason why many go to BBN is that they are hungry. Do you know what Big Brother does for you? It takes you from the low and shoots you up but there is no substance to hold you. It is vagina most of them have to offer. They intentionally go there just to get customers”.
Many former Big Brother Naija contestants who considered his statement disrespectful tackled him on social media.
Season 6 star, Angel tagged Nedu a misogynist who’s threatened by a woman’s success.
She went on to name a number of ladies who participated in the show and were doing well for themselves.
Khloe also came hard on Nedu, stating that he’s always speaking ill of women.
She asked him to move on, as they are not the cause of his failed marriage.
“Angel leave that short thing !!! It’s not our fault his wife gave him a Bstard, now I don’t blame the woman cos who wants to have a child for a dmb childish uselss lying a* talkative man… now, every woman living good is hawking p***y.
They don’t even see the pain and the struggle and some online peeps too will support rujsh’ forgetting that they are women and want to succeed in life. Very sens ess mentality. What any woman choose to do to make ends meet is no one business in as much as shes not st al from you or kill anyone. TF That’s how he came to lie about hotel room, but domb people can’t even put 1 and 1 together to know that set was framed up just to talk.
I know someone like him, lie for no reason !!! Cook something up on the spot. So you enter room and stand to watch who and who was foking your friend and you came out to say it? Lmao. Na Mmu people wey like gossip and d mb you Dey deceive. Heal from your heart break and leave women alone, we dint ask you to marry a cheating wife. Get the F short de il. All you do is to speak ill of women.” She wrote.