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“I was just going to ‘buy a baby'” – Reality TV star, Mercy Eke talks about “having a baby by thirty”

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Popular reality tv star Mercy Eke also referred to as ‘queen of highlight’ has revealed in an interview with event host Hero Daniel that she is going to buy a baby.

Mercy Eke who was the first runner up in the just concluded Big Brother Naija All Stars season mentioned earlier on the show that she was going to have a baby by thirty.
Mercy reaffirmed her decision about having a child while speaking with Daniel, she opened up about buying a baby which according to her means paying a surrogate to carry the baby.

In her words,
“Before all these things I said by thirty that I was just going to buy a baby not like buy a baby just get someone take my egg get someone to be a $perm donor and just hire a surrogate and have a beautiful baby cos anything that gives you happiness that’s what I was thinking.”

She further revealed that the why she has decided to have a baby is because of her mum “My mum and her village people that she’s always going from one trad to another bringing soup, they are now telling her when is your daughter bringing her own soup, I said mummy nobody should pressure me oh stop going stop collecting soup, She said.”
However the way and manner with which she presented the issue did not sit well with quite a number of internet users, as many condemn the term she used ‘buy a baby’ while others encouraged her to do whatever makes her happy.
Watch the video below;