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“I lost my biggest fan; I can’t believe I am an orphan” – IsBae U writes as he mourns his late father.

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Popular Instagram comedian and content creator, Adebayo Ridwan, better known as Bae U, has finally broken his silence following the death of his father, Nollywood actor, Kamal Adebayo.
The Yoruba actor popularly known as Sir K. passed away two days after the Christmas celebration which threw many thespians and fans into a mournful state.
Isbae U posted a video of his father, Kamal Adebayo on his Instagram page to convey his sorrow over his status as an orphan.
In a lengthy post, he wrote;
“I lost my Dad , i lost my Biggest Fan, I lost my Hero , I lost my friend , …I feel Empty , I feel Confused And I feel Lost, I can’t Believe I am An Orphan !I am Teary and I Am Scared , but As a Muslim I was taught to Thank God during Joyful moments and thank God when I’m going through Pain. God You are the Most High, I know you have your reasons, and I trust You Ya Allah , So i will always Say Alhamdullilahi …Dear Allah I beg you with everyone and Everything that makes you happy on Earth , I Plead with you to Help Forgive My DAD’s sins and Grant Him Paradise 🙏🏿. Rest In Peace Sir K , Rest In Peace My favorite Warrior , Rest in Peace ShankarBabu “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un”.
See his post below;