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I Cursed My Baby Daddy With My Menses – Lady Confesses

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A young woman who was reflecting on all the abuse she had received from her boyfriend disclosed that she had cursed him with her menstrual flow.

The woman who wished to remain anonymous claimed that although her parents had wanted her to continue her education after high school, she had chosen to take a year off, which had not gone down well with them.

She moved out of the house to live with her lover as a result. Before she became pregnant, everything between them was OK. At that time, her lover revealed his true nature to her.

She said that he stopped talking to her and began treating her disrespectfully, which made her life intolerable. Consequently, she made the decision to return home, where her parents welcomed her back despite their disappointment.

The young woman said that her parents handled all financial matters during her pregnancy and that she never once accepted money from her lover.

During her menstrual cycle, she had heard tales about the power of menstrual blood, so she undressed, sat on the ground, and swore at him.

She declared that she had cursed him, saying that nothing he did, not even relationships, would ever be better.

When he comes to apologise for all he did to her, that’s the only way things can go well for him.

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